June 20, 2007


Recently Jim Zabel, local sports legend, spoke at our Noon meeting and updated us on all the things that have happened in the area of sports in Iowa over the last year. Jim%20Zabel%202.jpg Jim and I were talking about a variety of things, both past and present. His “Fabulous Pink Apron Cook Book” came up. Let me refresh your memory, or for the younger readers, I’ll introduce you to the cook book, a compilation of recipes sent to Jim. Jim hosted a radio show titled “Call Jim Zabel” on the 50,000 watt clear channel voice of WHO-AM radio transmitting from Des Moines, Iowa. At that time WHO radio had a slogan, “From Coast-to-Coast and Then Some” so he was heard the world over. To make a long story short, in 1969 he published the first of what turned out to be three cook books in the “Pink Apron Series.” Two other books followed in 1970 and 1972. Each book had between 400 and 500 recipes that were sent with love to him over the years. Zabel%20Cook%20Book%2016.jpg
As we continued to chat Jim mentioned he still receives requests for them today. I asked if he had more cook books and, if so, would he donate them to be sold at a giant garage sale Ruby Van Meter School in Des Moines. He said he would check and get back to me. He called and said his wife Jill rummaged around and found all three in the series and if I wanted to pick them up I could. When I picked them up he told me the first (blue) Zabel%20Cook%20Book%2010.jpg
in the series was the hardest to come by and he hoped that the books would help Ruby Van Meter raise a little money. As I was driving to our next Sertoma luncheon after picking the cook books up and thumbing through them, I had a crazy thought. Would anyone at Sertoma be interested in purchasing the “Pink Apron Cook Books” if I auctioned them at the meeting? So I told everyone what I had in mind and they were receptive. So, sight unseen, the auction started and when all the bids were in Kevin Krause was the proud owner of all three cook books and he paid $130 for them. I was jubilant when the bidding was over, so much so, as soon as the meeting was adjourned I called Jim in Arizona and told him how much money we got for the cook books. He was overwhelmed and happy that his donation sold for as much money as they did and that it went to such a good cause. He told me he was so pleased that he was going so celebrate by taking his wife Jill to dinner after all she was the one who rounded up the books! Kevin wrote out a check for $130 to Ruby Van Meter School. (http://www.dmps.k12.ia.us/schools/3VanMeter/index.htm) When I gave the Booster Club the check, they knew just where and how they were going to spend the money. The students of Ruby Van Meter School were the winners. Thank you Jim, for your donation and thank you, Kevin, for your interest and generosity.

As a side bar, this is the third consecutive year that Jim has been to our meetings to update the sports scene in Iowa, to talk about great moments and games at the University of Iowa, and to tell us about his celebrated career. I think we Sertomans are endearing ourselves to Jim as evidenced by the fact that he brought his CD and offered it as a prize and his donation of the “Pink Apron Cook Book” series to raise some money for Ruby Van Meter School. If Jim isn’t careful, we will get him to become a Sertoma member soon!

Before I end Jim, reminded me I would be remiss if I didn’t leave you with his most requested recipe over the years, so here it is:


1 gal. water ............ 11 (6 oz.) cans frozen lemonade
1/2 c. sugar

Mix together, then add food coloring together and add slowly – just 1 scant tablespoon blue coloring, 1/4 tablespoon green coloring, just a few drops at a time to shade desired.
Then add:
11 (12 oz.) bottles 7-Up ............ 1/2 gal. Pineapple sherbet

This recipe serves 50 – 75, depending on size of cups. Could be cut down if necessary.

Well, there you have it a winner in Ruby Van Meter School and the “Fabulous Pink Apron Cook Book” recipe for Blue Punch. What more could you ask for? Thank you again, Jim Zabel and Kevin Krause.

Craig Randall
2006 - 2007 Club President

April 9, 2007


As I glace back at 2006 the Des Moines Sertoma Club can look with pride at the things our club accomplished. In July we had another successful Fantasy Baseball Camp. August was our annual picnic and we filled Jack Hartle’s car trunk with old clothes that we donated to the Door of Faith.
And because of the persistence of Bob Simons the Des Moines Sertoma Club had a booth at the Iowa State Fair in the Varied Industry Building for the very first time. We asked if other clubs in the state wanted to take part in this initial voyage and the response was overwhelming so what started as a local venture turned into a state wide event to showcase Sertoma and screen over 200 people for possible hearing problems. Again this year there will be a Sertoma booth in the same location and armed with what we learned last year we intend to make it bigger and better to help more people determine if they have hearing problems. Sertomans manned kettles and rang bells in the skywalk for the Salvation Army to help with their annual holiday fund raising where we collected $542.
And the years ended with our Annual Christmas Dinner where Martha Willits was presented the “Service to Mankind” award and Rudy Trusheim delivered a truly moving Christmas season message.

Of course the year wasn’t without its lighter moments. Nearly every Tuesday Noon we meet for food, fellowship and conversation. At our noon meetings we are informed and entertained by speakers and last year we had quite a variety. And at out monthly evening meetings we visited several local restaurants, saw Drake basketball games and watched the Iowa Stars. The Sergeant at Arms, Bob Simons, did his best to make us part with our hard earned dollars by fining us for our lack of knowledge or for what ever he deemed worthy. The fines go into our foundation to be used for the various activities the Des Moines Sertoma Club supports.

Well 2007 has gotten off to a fast start, in fact, its April all ready and it’s hard for me to believe that as much of the year is gone as it is. To start the year out our 1st Noon meeting was at ChildServe where we saw a video about ChildServe and what it does. We have also had some great speakers with more in the wings, such as John McLaughlin, Mike Newell, Rick Fredericksen and Dr. Jim Wille. In October we were scheduled to participate in the I-235 beautification program to clean-up our new stretch of road which is near the 31st Street exit on I-235, however, the weather did not cooperate. So April 14th we are going to try again and maybe the weather will be more accomodating. Looking ahead we have our Annual Pitch Tournament to raise money for Ruby Van Meter School and we will set-up batting cages at Ruby Van Meter’s Field Day. Other things we have on the agenda is our officer inauguration dinner, annual picnic, Fantasy Baseball Camp, Des Moines Sertoma at the fair and the popular steak and golf outing at Lake Panorama hosted by Dick Noyce. As I said the year is going fast so jump aboard and enjoy and find out what Sertoma can do for you. In fact, if you are interested in learning more about Sertoma please e-mail Kevin Krause Krause.kevin@principal.com he is our Vice President of Membership and he will be happy to give you all the help you need.

Craig Randall
2006 - 2007 Club President